First Entry Date Extension Request - Reply From Immigration

Hi Anil,

We got PR in 2019 July 9. As I was pregnant I was unable to travel along with my husband and finish my first visit. Now we are blessed with baby boy, since lock down is going on across India we are unable to get his birth certificate or passport and apply for visa. But now my First Entry Date is going to expire by July 9.

I have sent an email to and but I got attached auto generated email from No Reply email . Now I am confused whether this reply stating that I am eligible to travel after First Entry Date or not. Can you please look at this reply and try to clarify if possible.



This information is only for holders of one of the following Skilled visas

 Skilled Independent (subclass 189)
 Skilled Nominated (subclass 190)
 Skilled Regional (subclass 489)
 Skilled Work Regional (subclass 491)

if you were outside Australia when you were granted one of the above Skilled visas then your visa grant will be subject to visa Condition 8504 which provides that:

The holder must enter Australia as the holder of the visa to which the condition applies before a date specified by the Minister.

This condition requires that each visa holder must make their first entry into Australia before the “For first entry, arrive by” date specified in the “Grant Notification” letter. Under the Migration Act 1958, failure to comply with visa conditions can render a visa liable for cancellation.

Skilled Migration is aware there will be circumstances when you and/or family members (who were granted a visa as part of your application) may not be able to comply with this condition, for example due to global travel restrictions.

Generally we will not seek to cancel a Skilled Migration visa where the only reason for doing so would be breach of Condition 8504.

Visa Validity Period

If you are not able to make your first entry into Australia before the “For first entry, arrive by” date you can use this Notice when you travel to Australia during the period for which you hold a valid visa. Information about your visa validity period is specified in the “Grant Notification” letter, as the “Must not arrive after date”.

We cannot extend the validity period of your visa, and if your Skilled Migration visa ceases for any reason then you cannot use this notice to enter Australia as the holder of this visa.

Travelling to Australia

When you travel to Australia within the visa validity period you should present this notice to travel providers. This notice should be sufficient evidence for a travel provider to be satisfied that the visa holder can enter Australia as the holder of a Skilled Migration visa. Visa holder(s) may wish to carry a copy of this notice to present to the airline when checking in at the airport and on arrival into Australia. Please note that some delays may be encountered upon arrival into Australia while visa validity is verified.

If you are unable to use this notice then email with the details of the relevant issue and supporting evidence. If supporting documentation is not provided you will not receive a further response.

This notice can only be used during the period for which you hold a valid visa.

Children born outside of Australia

Please be aware that for a child born outside of Australia (where neither parent is an Australian citizen) you will need to apply for; and be granted; a visa for that child prior to your travel to Australia. For more information about applicable visas please refer to the Department’s website. See:


Appreciate your help.

Hey there, I am also in a similar boat. My first entry date expires in oct,2002. After sending an email, got auto generated response. Though it somehow tells that we can enter after first entry date, but still this is not a confirmation letter. So, just fingers crossed on this. Lets see if some one with the same auto generated email travelled to Australia.
And BTW assuming if you dont know, AirIndia is running 8 flights from Delhi to Melbourne/Sydney this month and the bookings are starting tomorrow ie, June5th.

Yes Madhu, reply from immigration is not clear. lets wait for Anil or Anil’s team reply. Also I am aware of the Air India flights, but I was unable to get my new born Passport or Visa because of non essential government services are shout down In India until last week. :frowning_face:

my bad. . its 2020…
And another link related to the same topic…

Hi @madhupasham and @bvk

You can travel to Australia anytime before your PR end date.

Don’t worry about the initial entry date as Australia has relaxed it under COVID-19 situation.

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Hi @Anil_Gupta, just curious to know if Australia has announced some where that they have relaxed IED under COVID-19 situation.

Its clearly mentioned in the email response that you have got.

Read it again.

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Thanks alot for your clarification Anil. Appreciate your help.