Fingerprints for FBI clearance in Indian police station?

Hi Anil,
Thank you for detailed information.

Can you please help me with below scenario :-
Me along with my wife was in USA till 15th of Sep, 2018. We stayed there for 6 years at stretch(came to USA on Aug,2012).
We came back to India on 17th Sep,2018. Now we are living in India and applying for Australian Visa. We have been asked to get PCC from USA since we stayed so long.

My question is can I follow the above mentioned same steps being in India to get the PCC from USA ? There is another link where you mentioned FBI Police Certificate, which one I should get ?

I am not in position to go back to USA now. All I can do is to get PCC through email or postal service. Please guide me.

Your help is highly appreciated. Thanks again !!

Indian PCC for Australia

For Indian PCC, you have to go through Indian passport website and apply for PCC as you are in India now. Indian embassy only issues certificate if you are outside India.

FBI clearance

For FBI certificate, use the link given for FBI police clearance. It has option to apply from outside USA.

FBI and Indian police certificates are required separately and have separate process.

Thanks Anil for prompt response, much appreciated !!
I have got my Indian PCC, now I am working to get USA PCC which is as you mentioned is to get FBI certificate.
I checked and found that I need to take finger printing, can you suggest should I try that personally or get finger printing from some agency or police station in India.

Thanks again !!

FBI third party Channeller Agent for Fingerprints

You can do the fingerprinting yourself but I strongly recommend to use third party FBI channellers services. They are experts and reduce your chances of fingerprint rejection.

Don’t use Indian Police Station for FBI fingerprints

Indian police station is useless as they would NOT know the FBI standards for taking fingerprints.