Financial market dealer Australia PR 190

Hi Anil,

My skilll set “Financial market dealer” is part of STSOL list and I will will be applying for Visa 190 type.

Please let me know which state should i choose for sponsorship and can i expect an invite for this profile with 80 points (excluding 5 points of state sponsorship).

I have a PTE score of 90.

Also please clarify if I can get skill assessement done for two skills at one time.


You can choose any state that has your ANZSCO job code on their occupation list.

You can apply for any number of skill assessments for multiple skills as you wish.

Thanks for the prompt reply.
Just a few clarifications needed:-

  1. I have skills matching for both “Accountant general” which is part of MLTSSL. If I apply for visa 189 for this job type, how much time can i expect invite with score of 80.
  2. If i get a PR 189 for “accountant general”., Then after getting PR can i work as a " financial market dealer" also? I understand PR under 189 lets you work anywhere in any job in Australia.
  3. What would you suggest i should go for
  • Visa 190 type for " Financial market dealer"
  • Visa 189 type for " Accountant general"

You can work for any job or job title once you have got 189 PR anywhere in Australia.

It is your choice as to which job code you choose for yourself based on what you do everyday.

You can expect an invite in July or September 2019 draw.

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