Filled online govt NRI passport form first, then added webfile number to CKGS application

Hello Anil,

I messed up. Filled the government form before filling the CKGS form.

When it came to that step 7, I just put the WEBFILE NO from the Government form in the Step 7 of CKGS website.

I didn’t think much of it and paid the filing fee. Feeling extremely stupid and scared right now.

Haven’t mailed the form + documents yet.

Do you think I should redo this process. Please advise.

Yes, i think you should re-do the process.
Don’t worry. Since you have not mailed anything yet, your money can be refunded by CGKS once you cancel the application.

Note that go to government form ONLY at step 6 and that too from the link that CKGS provides at step 6.

Thank you, Anil.

It’s a great relief having you take the time to respond to each individual comment. Hope you have a happy and peaceful life.

Thank you.

You are welcome. I am glad it has helped you.

Hi Anil,

I am sitting down just now to redo the process and I had a few quick questions:

1. Just start a new CKGS passport application in new browser window?

Do I just open a new browser and start the CKGS process from scratch, as if I were doing it for the first time?

2. How to Cancel CKGS passport Application?

How do I cancel the the previous erroneous application? I am unable to find a link to cancel the application.

I found one for “Cancel Appointment” but I don’t think it’s the same. Please advise.

3. Do I have to manually apply for Refund after cancellation?

Once I cancel, sounds like I have to also apply for a refund. Does this sound accurate? (Here are the references)

4. Should I just leave the Government Online form As it is?

AS for the government form, I just abandon the erroneous government form, right? No need to take any action to cancel it etc?

Thank you again for your time. I sincerely appreciate it.

  1. You can open a new browser window and start a new application.

  2. I have not done the cancellation but this seems to be the only option:
    They have an option of selecting ‘Can Application’ as the reason for refund. You should be able to cancel your application just by asking for refund.

  3. Answered in 2.

  4. Yes, just abandon the government online form.

Great, thank you, Anil!

Should I cancel/refund first and then make a new application? Or any order works.

Sorry for the lame questions, I am just paranoid after making the initial stupid mistake :frowning:

First cancel and then start with new application.

Your passport number is tied to your application. So, it is better you cancel first.

Got it. Thanks again!

Hi I filled the ckgs application for renewal of indian passport and also the govt of india passport form. The ckg application is not accepting the ARN no of Govt of india application saying “number not valid”

When i try to refill both the Govt of india and the ckg forms now it says that the “application with this passport number is under process”

I have not yet sent any papers physically to ckgs so how can it be under process
So im not able to move forward in both the sites

Im in a hurry as my passport expires in Jan and this is stalling my renewal process

Hi Anil Or community members,

I filled my passport renewal application in CKGS. I haven’t filled any details in Government portal Yet And also, i haven’t shipped the documents yet to CKGS.

How can i correct the my details.

Its not allowing me edit the application. So i thought of filling it again but, it says “Application with this Passport Number is under process.”

I tried calling CKGS but no luck, no one is picking the calls ?

Can someone help me how to edit the existing application OR how to cancel the existing and create a new application ?

Hi @sweet_buddy

You have to ‘cancel’ current application first and then start a new one.

Cancellation can be requested by asking for refund on CKGS website.