Filing multiple I539 H4 Extension application

Hi Anil,
I am on H4 Visa along with my husband H1B Visa with our I94 valid till Nov-2020. I had filed I-539 form for H4 extension along with my husband H1B Transfer with another employer. My husband H1B Transfer was approved in 1 week in March 2020 but later his offer was rescinded due to COVID situation and I also didn’t go for I539 Bio metric in March end due COVID situation and also as the offer with that another employer was not valid any more.
My Husband will now be applying for H1B extension from his current employer and I will be again filing I-539 for H4 Extension along with my husband application.
Please let me know on below question:-

  1. Do I need to do withdrawal of my previous I-539 application which was filed along with my husband H1B Transfer or it will get abandon on its own as I didn’t complete the Bio metric process.
  2. If Withdrawal need to be done of my previous I-539 application then where should I send application withdrawal letter, as the receipt number show Texas USCIS center.
  3. Will my new I-539 H4 Extension application get affected which I will be applying along with husband H1B Extension from his current employer as there already an existing I-539 application with the USCIS.


I suggest to send the withdraw request to Texas service center.


My H4 has been expired in june2020, and applied for H4 extension, case is pending with USCIS and my spouse h1b has been approved until january2021. Do i need to reapply for H4 extension?

Thank you for the response.

Were you able to file new h4 extension when previous h4 was pending. I am in the same situation. can you please share your suggestion, on how to proceed.