Filing h4 EAD when I94 going to expire in 2 months

I applied h4 EAD on Oct 2020. It’s still pending with USCIS. My I94 and passport both expires on Sep 2021.

My husband did H1B transfer on Apr 2021 in premium and got approved. I renewed my passport and applied for h4 extension which is in process with USCIS.

Now, Do I need to apply h4 EAD again ? If so what should I mention in I94 column of application(it’s going to expire in 2 months) ? And how USCIS will know about my h4 extension which is already in process ?

Kindly help.

Yes you should as even if the one you applied is approved will only be valid till September 2021.

If you are asking about form I-765 pg.3, part#2, 21a, this is the I94 for your last arrival in the US.

You will need to include the copy of your receipt of your H4 along with other documents.