File Separate EOI with different ACS Assessment VISA than current EOI?


(Swarnika Kumari) #1

Hello Anil,

I have re-applied for ACS Skill assessment in ICT security.

Is it possible of have two ACS assessment
and start completely new application with new ACS skill assessment and keeping the other EOI active?



(Anil Gupta) #2

Yes, you can a new EOI with a new ACS assessment.

(Swarnika Kumari) #3

Thank you so much for your quick reply :slight_smile:

That mean I can have Two ASC Valid assessment One in software engineer and other, in ICT security.

(Anil Gupta) #4

You can but you can only get one of the EOI approved for PR finally.
So, if you get invitation for both, choose one and submit.

(Swarnika Kumari) #5

sure I will do that

Since, ICT security is not in pro rata. Would you be able to tell me when I can expect my EOI invite with 70 Points.


(Anil Gupta) #6

I think you should get invite in next draw i.e. Jan 11, 2019.

(Swarnika Kumari) #7

Thanks for your quick respond :slight_smile:

(Swarnika Kumari) #8

Hello Anil,

As I mentioned I applied for ACS re assessment in ICT security in priority list as my visa is expiring in 12 weeks.
Would you be able to tell me how long ACS will take to assess my skill set with Priority ??

Current status : file is with assessor



(Anil Gupta) #9

Not sure about priority timing.

(Swarnika Kumari) #10

Hello Anil,

It seems acs is working fast these days I received my assessment in 5 WORKING DAYS
and also applied new EOI in ICT security with 70 points.
would you be able to help me with the estimated time for skill select Invite.



(Anil Gupta) #11

Wow… 5 days is like rocket speed!! Congratulations!

Are you talking about job code 262112?
As per Oct 11, 2018 draw, the points invited were 80.

Chances are low with 70 points at this time. I can estimate better when Australia immigration publishes Nov draw data.

(Swarnika Kumari) #12

Thanks anil
Mine was on priority list for assessment :slight_smile: may be that’s why they did it fast