File H1B transfer while H1B Amendment is in progress

Hi Anil, I would like to have your opinion on below.

I was on L1B for last 3 years, and I have got H1B approved last year effective Oct 1st 2018.

Currently working with H1 employer for X client.

Due to change in work location my employer filed a H1B ammendment on Dec 5 2018 to Vermont service Center.

Now, would I be able to file H1 transfer petition from different employer when H1 Amendment is in progress?

Any information will help. TiA…

Yes, you can file H1B Transfer while H1B Amendment is pending if your i94 is still valid.

Assuming your i94 is still valid, you can file H1B transfer with no issues. I have covered more H1B transfer scenario here:

Hi, I would like to know the below scenario; Can you please help me with this

Working with Company A and got an offer from Company B. Company B is ready to process the H1B in premium. I decided to wait until Transfer is completed/ confirmed.

  1. Is there a way company A know about the H1B Transfer as company A also doing LCA amendment at same time

  2. In case, my H1B transfer is getting rejected and i have not yet resigned from current company,
    Whether current company A know about this rejection? Can I continue work with current company A without any issue?