File H1B transfer or stay with Cognizant H1B extension - Premium Proc Suspended

H1B premium processing is suspended till Feb 2019.
For my H1 transfer I need to go with regular processing.

I am little confused so thought to take second opinion from you.

H1B extension pending for 5 months

H1B extension petition from cognizant is pending from last 5 months. now I am getting an offer from new company as full time employee.

Now, i94 is expiring in next 30 days. Regular processing is taking long time so little confused if I should take risk of H1 trasfer with new employer.

Cognizant filed extension with System Analysts SOC code

Cognizant filed extension with System Analysts SOC code which is getting lot of rejections these days. So, I m thinking to take risk with new employer

At this time with no premium processing, the #h1b-transfer risk is high.

You are probably thinking of joining based on receipt. Right?

Same risk in H1B extension and H1B transfer

As a matter of fact, you probably have same risk in H1B extension as well.
In both cases, if you get a denial, you have to leave USA.

Third party H1B extensions

Third party extension with cognizant has more risk though in today’s political scenario, as per my opinion.

Direct client opportunity’s chances of denial are very low.

Take a calculated risk with result in mind.

File H1B transfer before i94 expiry

If you decide to switch, file transfer application it before i94 expires i.e. at least 4-5 days before expiry to make sure USCIS acknowledge the receipt before your i94 expiry.

yeah. that is biggest plus point & their wages are also high compare to Cognizant LCA.

one more thing.

Is Electronics Engg degree problem for H1B extension?

My degree is electronics engg.
heard that visa getting rejected on education as well. is this true…?

Ya…USCIS is questioning everything these days including education.

Just another way to demotivate companies

They are giving RFE to explain how the education and work experience is relevant for the job posting.

Speciality occupation letter from University professor

One of the person we know got RFE to prove specialty occupation when he was working in same job for last 12 years in US.
They had to get a letter from University professor to vouch that the job require specialization and his work experience has helped him gain that specialization!

So, it’s happening for anyone and everyone

ok. Is there any way to do something pro-actively to avoid RFE or deniel on such grounds?

Direct client can still provide the required documentation easily.

Employer’s attorney has to be smart enough. They usually know what kind of RFEs are being sent for that specific employer by USCIS.

So, they include all that paperwork.

Thanks for all the help.