File H1B no change extension after 6 years with i140 at Nebraska service center

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One of my friend referred you site and i checked the way you are sharing the information.

Thanks a ton for great work . it is really helping lot of people here . I hope you can answer my question . currently my visa and 6 years will be expired in month of July 2019 and my I140 got recently approved .

H1B - No change in work location, company and client

There is no change in my client , work location and company , so do i am eligible for pure extension and my case will be filed with nebarsaka ?

H1B - only change in pay / Salary

If there is change in pay ( say by 3k dollars ) , will that as consider as change and not consider for pure extension ?

Can i140 H1B extension be filed for 3 years?

will H1b extension duration will be of 3 years as this is filed with I140

i140 180 days are counted from Approved date or receipt date?

How is 180 days rule of I140 is calculated ? Is it from approved date or receipt date

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H1B extension ‘No change’

You cannot choose the service center yourself. USCIS does it on their own.

But, if you file a ‘No change’ H1B extension, then you are eligible for premium processing at Nebraska center.

H1B change is Pay is not counted as ‘Change’ in extension application

Change in pay is not considered a ‘change’ for H1B extension and filing in premium. You are good.

H1B extension with i140 is eligible for 3 year extension

Yes, with approved, you are allowed to file for 3 years H1B extension.

i140 180 days - count from approved date

d. 180 are counted starting the i140 approved date. NOT the receipt date.

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