File H1B extension with computer engineer or technical architect role to avoid denial

I’m using Computer Programmer role with Wage Level 2 in my current H1b petition. My 140 is at “Case recieved” status with USCIS with Technical Architect Role.

I’ve to apply H1b Extension in March’ 2019. Please share your inputs on below -

  1. Computer Programmer role is highly challenged and rejected by USCIS in last few months. Should I continue to use this role for my future extension?
  2. My 140 (not yet approved) has Technical Architect Role, should I change my role to Architect?
  3. If I use Technical Architect Role in my extension, is Wage level 2 safe choice for this role? My company does not file beyond WL2.

Wage level 2 should be safe for any IT position at this time.

As far as changing role name is concerned, both names are under scrutiny. The more important thing to keep in mind though is the ‘JOB DESCRIPTION’.

The job description should require specific degree and specific technological experience.

If the description is vague like ‘Person with any computer or engineering degree’, then the chances of rejection are much higher.
It should clearly say that a person with ‘computer degree’ is required.