File H1B extension & Transfer together

Hello Anil,

My H1B visa is valid till Mid-2019. I have applied for H1B transfer under normal scheme now.

  1. What is the probability of premium processing starting this Feb 19th,2019, Now that USCIS has opened the H1 Cap premium processing?

  2. Will I have to apply separately for my extension apart from this transfer petition? Few of my friends got their extension when they applied for transfer.

The expectation is that USCIS opens premium processing on Feb 20, 2019.

No official information is available yet.

H1B transfer is also extension

Each H1B Transfer application is automatically an extension application too.

Whenever you file H1B application, Employer requests 3 year work permit. So, it is extension automatically.

Thanks Anil for your response!!

Can you let me know if h1b transfer is possible while H1b extension is in progress?
My i94 has expired.