File H1B extension in premium with department Change at Nebraska Service Center?

Hi Anil,

Here is my situation.

Filed H1B transfer and then changed department within same employer

I did a H1B transfer back in March 2018 and worked for a client until Mid of June, later I moved to a different location under same MSA same client but different Department. ( my employer did not file an Amendment in June because it was under the same MSA, they just re pasted the LCA in new location)

Can I file H1B extension is premium at Nebraska Service Center?

Now my H1B needs to be extended, Can i file under Premium Processing?


Nebraska Service Center - Only ‘No Change’ H1b extension Premium allowed

Premium processing is ONLY available for ‘no change’ applications only and that too at Nebraska Service center.

Did your job title change or job duties change? What exactly changed when you changed the ‘Department’?
Your employer’s attorney would be able to tell you better though.

H1B Job duties and job title is same for Extension

Only the address and department of the client changed.

The new address is under the same city MSA.

Ok. To me, it sounds like a 'no change’ H1B extension.

You can talk to your attorney and then apply your H1B extension in premium at Nebraska service Center.

Hey Anil,

Just wanted to thank you again for your guidance.
my H1b extension got approved thru premium processing Nebraska Service center.

Wow…Great news. Good to hear your feedback. I appreciate it.


Is the change of employer for a H1 applicant from employer A to B done at Nebraska Service Center?

As we see the premium processing is suspended till feb 2019, did any one applied for H1 transfer since after suspension and what is the feedback. Are any issues or rejections on them? Or a straight forward go, just the difference in the time taken for process?

Highly appreciate your responses.

Hi @raghava_rao

Nobody can guess the result from a specific service center. Each H1B result depends on the specific paperwork you submit.

Nebraska is also issuing RFEs and denials along with approvals.

Thanks Anil for your reply…

My two more cents…

1)How long it takes to see the result if the application is filed and gets the receipt notice now?
2)Are there any restrictions that needs to be considered for filing with Nebraska? I mean if a company is based in the bay area - California, would the same employer can be able to file the RFE at Nebraska center?

I think you mean 2 more questions.

You can see the current H1B processing time here:

RFE response has to be filed at the same location where your primary H1B application was filed.

If your H1B extension has ‘no change’, you can file at Nebraska center. Else, you will have to file according to your work location address and that will most probably be California.

Oh ok…Thank you so much Anil_Gupta. Your information counts.

Hi @meghna_saikia

The above person’s change was a department change and not the location change.

A location change calls for an H1B Amendment.