File H1B amendment and H1B Transfer at same time with different LCA

Hi Anil,

Employer A filed LCA for H1 amendment and will file H1 once LCA approved.
Employer B offered role and ready to file H1 transfer.
Can employee go ahead with transfer or will there be complication due to two LCA’s filed and employer B then filing H1 transfer?

Also When is right time to let employer A know to stop their amendment?


H1B Amendment and H1B transfer can be filed at same time

You can file both at the same time i.e. employer A files H1B Amendment and Employer B files H1B transfer.

Each application is a new application and does not affect each other. LCA does not matter either.

i94 expiry is important factor with H1B Amendment and H1B transfer

If you file both before your i94 expiry, then you are good. There is no issue.

But, if you are filing Amendment of Transfer AFTER i94 expiry, then there are lots of factors that need to considered.

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My h1b visa is approved. I have filed from company A for the position of BA for their in-house project for the future employment starting from oct 1st .

My masters is in MBA but now i got the offer from company B for the different client location for the position of QA.

Both company A are consultancy firm and in company A i will be working in a in-house project whereas in a company B i will have to work in a client location.

Company B is more reliable in terms of payment and for my future sponsorship as well.

So, my question is can i transfer my h1b to employer B and do the amendment at the same time.

If yes, than how soon can i do it? and what is required for the h1b transfer?

Hi @anima

You can file H1B Transfer and there is no need for amendment as company B is a completely different entity.

My suggestion is to file your transfer on or after Oct 1.

Thanks ANil and also once my H1B starts what should i do with my current status?

I am currently on CPT enrolled in school. Should inform my school? or what should be my next step?

You should inform your school about your status change.

my employer is saying i do not need to inform my school. so can i still go school when i am in h1???