FBI clearance certificate needs alias name too

Hi Anil,
I submitted FBI Clearance form to the Australian Immigration, but now they are saying that FBI Clearance Certificate should have my alias name included.

Can you please help me with that?

Why do you have alias name? Did you fill it any of the Australian immigration forms?
I am not sure if FBI gives you an option to specify add alias name.

Yes I gave some name as Alias Name, like how we put initials in front of our name.
Like K.Siva K Siva - This is how the name is appearing in all of my education documents.

So I gave those name to Australian Immigration forms since it was required.

Then, you should have used the same name in your FBI certificate request as well. You can get another FBI certificate now.

Wow!! This is going to be more difficult for me then:

  1. My Actual Name:
    Full Name: Sai Sreekumar
  2. My Educational Records:
    Masters 1: Sai S. Kumar
    Masters 2: Sai Sree Kumar
    Undergrad: Sai. S. Kumar
  3. Passport:
    Given Name: Sai Sree Kumar
    Surname: Nothing
    New: (Finally got it Corrected)
    Given Name: Sai
    Surname: Sreekumar
  4. USA records:
    First Name : FNU (First Name Unknown)
    Last Name: Sai Sree Kumar

I’m Lost. I messed up with my name. Any advices here? I got the FBI certificate with the Sai Sree Kumar FNU. I didn’t get any invitation yet but I’m sure I get it by this November 11th draw. Should I drop the EOI and fix all this by any means?

Highly appreciate, if any advices!


Hi @stamaran

There is no need to drop the EOI. You will have 60 days to submit your invitation and by then you can get another FBI certificate including the alias names.

Just apply for it.

Hi Anil,

I don’t know if they do, because they don’t have any proofs that I have alias names. Moreover, in case FBI certificate is issued with alias names, I still have a hurdle with the Netherlands Certificate of Good Conduct. Can you share how I do for that?


FBI gives report based on your fingerprints. You can specify your alias names.

For Netherlands also, i am guessing they would have a place to specify alias name.