F2-h4 change of status

Hi, got H1b approved but still waiting for my approval notice. My wife is on f2 and how many days are provided for change of status from f2-h4? my h1 start date is 1 Oct 2021. What happens if it takes a little longer than Oct 1st to get the h4?

Was your H1B approved with a change of status from F1 to H1B? If yes, once you receive the H1B approval notice, you may apply for your wife’s change of status from F2 to H4.

While the F2 to H4 change of status application is pending, the applicant will be in a authorized period of stay in the US.

@Kalpesh_Dalwadi thanks for answering, yes my cos is from f1 to h1b

@Kalpesh_Dalwadi Do you know what documents do we need to upload while filing 1539?
Also, its asking for the dependent’s current status expiration date. Should I put 10/01/2021 which is my H1b kick-in date or her original f2 status expiration date(02/10/2024)?

Current status is F2 so need to provide the expiry of F2 and attach copy of I797 approval notice for F2.

Thanks for the reply, any idea what should I answer for this question?

Is this application based on a separate petition or application to give your spouse, child, or parent an extension or change of status?

Below are the options for the question
Yes, filed with this I-539

Yes, filed previously and pending with USCIS


As your H1B is already under process you may select the below and attact the receipt of your H1B

Yes, filed previously and pending with USCIS.