F1 Visa related query

I am a sophomore at University of Texas at Austin and seeking some advice related to F1 visa processing.

Currently I am on H4 visa and plan to apply for F1 visa, since I will be turning 21 soon. I have some questions related to getting my F1 visa either through application or through visit (India). What is the best way to get F1 in my case, considering the fact that my parents are still on H1B? Any pros and cons that you see between the two ways of getting the F1 visa?

It depends on how much time you have before you age out. Change of status from H4 to F1 takes anywhere between 12 to 26 months depending on the USCIS service center.

If you dont have that much time, you can leave the US and go for F1 stamping. You may qualify for dropbox ( interview waiver) as you have hold H4 visa in past.

You will need to time the visa stamping during the semester break, for e.g. during summer break, that way you don’t miss on your semester.

Thank you so much Mr. Kalpesh Dalvadi for your reply.