F1 to H-1B with an approved I-140?


I am currently pursuing my MBA and will be graduating in May. I am currently on a F-1 visa. Before school, I was on a H-1B with an approved I-140. I am now looking for full-time jobs that I can work in post-MBA. Please keep in mind that I used a part of my OPT before I went on H-1B and my school says that it will be hard for me to get approval for the remainder of the OPT.

  1. What is the F-1 to H-1B process like? It seems like I need an employer who is willing to file for my transfer, but beyond that are there any other requirements?

  2. I graduate in May 2021. Is there a strict timeline/deadline around when I can apply for the F-1 to H-1B transfer? How many months before/after graduation can I apply for a transfer?

  3. I used a part of my OPT before I got on to H1B in 2012. Can I use the remainder of my H-1B upon graduation or is this something that has no chance of getting approved?

You will need a US Employer to sponsor your H1B transfer.

It can be filed in premium and once approved you van start working.