F1 student visa denied with 214b intent to immigrate - chances of H4 approval

I am from India. I applied for my student visa and got 214b ( intent to immigrate) on 6/6/19.

My fiance has H1B approved. We now plan to get married in July,19 and take appointment for August,19.He will get his H1B stamped and I shall go for H4 together.

My doubts-

  1. Will my F1 rejection affect H4?
  2. Will it affect his H1B, if we got together?
  3. How do i prepare for interview?

We both are very stressed out and facing alot of issues with how to handle this situation.

My college is not allowing extension, so H4 option seemed the best option.

Kindly help. Thanks alot

Each visa rejection can affect the next visa application. In this case, F1 visa denial can affect H4 stamping too.

Not sure why you took the risk of F1 when you had plans to file H4 pretty soon.

H4, on the other hand us considered a safe visa. You should not face any issue.

H1B is not affected.