F1 Admission with drawn at POE cz My STEM OPT CASE pending

Hello , I traveled to India Mid- January due to family emergency , I had to leave the country because of this unavoidable circumstance. When I was in India my first OPT expired , but I has applied for my STEM OPT extension 50 days ago where I was in states and case is still pending.

When I made my trip back to the U.S, whereby the CBP officers stopped my entry and mentioned that I’m technically out of status because my case is still pending so I’m not allowed for reenter US . The officers asked me to withdraw my application and to go back to my home country and officers booked my flight to India, they written a code with black ink 212a7AiI on my visa.

I received my EAD CARD and the STEM OPT i20 . I’m in India right now and I would like to know the implications from the circumstances above. Do i have to fill DS-160 form and how i have to go for visa stamp again . can anyone help me please .

Sorry to hear about your situation.

212a7AiI is normally issued if you did not have a valid travel document.
The problem is your case was that your old OPT expired and the new one was under processing and hence, you had no legal way to ask for an entry to US.

Was your F1 visa in your passport valid at the time you tried to enter?

You can apply for a new F1 visa at US embassy now and then enter USA.

Thanks for the response Anil , when i was travelling back to U.S , i still left 2 years visa .

when i apply for F1 visa again , do i have to fill new DS-160 or i could retrieve old one .

New visa applications needs new DS-160.

I suggest you to talk to an attorney and see if you can still use your stamped F1 visa if it is still valid.