F-1 to H-1B (Admin Processing), F-1 still valid with new I-20?


I was employed on my initial OPT for a year after which my H-1B petition was approved. However, after visa interview last year, my case was put in Administrative processing which is still pending after a year.

My question is - Does my existing unexpired F-1 visa still remains valid to enter US for a PhD program with new initial I-20?

As per Five month rule, I don’t need to get a new visa if my old visa isn’t expired. But does my pending H-1B case affect my chances to reenter?

Please advise. Thank you.

If the visa stamp was not explicitly cancelled by US embassy, then visa should be valid for travel.

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Thanks for the response. By explicit indication you mean like a cancellation stamp or similar? They returned me my passport without any cancellation indication of my visa anywhere in my passport. However, I am worried if they can invalidate it internally without notifying me. Does that happen too? Or do they always indicate it on the passport explicitly? I hope you understand my concern.

Again thank you so much.

They will send an email if they cancel it internally and will stamp it on visa stamp if done explicitly.