Extend Initial Entry Date after Australia 189 / 190 visa grant

Extension of Initial Entry Date (IED) is possible

You can request for extension of initial entry date by sending an email to Skilled Support skilled.support@homeaffairs.gov.au

Chances of Initial Entry Date Extension?

The chances depend on your individual compelling circumstances. You will have to prove it with supporting documents.

For example:

  1. Pregnant wife is not allowed to travel - You can submit a doctor report which clearly mentions that she cannot travel before a specific date or before the child is born.

  2. Kid exams in your home country - If your kids have to appear for important exams that fall around the IED (Initial entry date), you can submit the exams calendar duly signed by school principal as a proof.

  3. Important medical condition/surgery - Letter from the doctor explaining the medical requirement.

Note that the final decision rests with the Australian immigration department and if they do not find your documents and reason good enough, they may reject your extension request.

Australian Immigration DIBP IED extension policy

DIBP is usually pretty strict with the Initial Entry Date (IED) and clearly, mentions that cannot be changed or extended once the visa is granted.

The visa holder must enter Australia before the date specified.**

Your visa can be canceled if you do not enter by initial entry date unless exceptional and compelling reasons have prevented them you from traveling.

Do all applicants have to enter before IED?

Yes, all applicants in the family have to comply with their Initial entry date requirement individually.

Is Australia Visa canceled if IED extension request is made?

No, the visa is not canceled simply on your IED extension request.
In the worst case scenario, they will just reject your IED extension request.

IED extended as wife expecting, Child born - Does child need PR visa too?

Yes, your newly born child also needs his/her separate visa before you can take him to Australia with you for your ‘Initial Entry Date’.

IED extension facilitation letter

Once your IED extension is approved by Australia DHA (Department of Home Affairs), they will issue you a ‘Facilitation letter’.
Keep this letter with you to prove your extended date when you travel to Australia.

IED extension processing time

You can expect a response within 2-7 days.

Hi Anil,
My US visa is under decision and therefore I just checked DHA to let me know if there are any chances for me to extend IED as I will not be allowed to enter US without stamping (which cannot be done untill I get US visa approval).
To this they have replied with some letter which I am kind of not understanding completely but on cover letter it says

Thank you for your email. I have sent a Facilitation letter to you separately, and attach it here for reference. This letter authorises ‘xyxyxyxy’ to make your first entry to Australia after the Initial entry date ‘yyyyyyyy’ shown on your Visa Grant Notice has passed. Effectively, as long as the visa has not been cancelled for any other reason, you are authorised to make your first entry at any time prior to the Must Not Arrive After date of ‘xxxxxx’.

The letter can be used individually or together. Please note the Initial Entry date on VEVO cannot be changed, but the letter authorises you to travel after that date.


with this I understand what is the context of letter received separately, but because I am not understanding that content completely and cant share here, pasting above.

question is: – is that it. and does that mean we can travel anytime before ‘xxxxxx’ mentioned.

I know its silly but they sent this when i was just checking so surprised and want to make sure that I am understanding it correctly.

Hi @Vik

Yes, the facilitation letter means that they have allowed you to enter Australia after the IED date and until ‘xxxxxx’ date.

Did you use the process as given above for extending IED date?

Hi @Anil_Gupta,

Thanks for confirmation.
Yes I sent them email explaining the situation I am in and they responded.
I called them also but that time the system was down so the agent was not able to confirm this over phone.


Hi @Vik, we have the same case as you. We had received the visa grant yesterday, August 5, 2019, and our IED is August 20, 2019, which is 15 days from receipt of the grant. We already sent a request for extension of initial entry date, the most compelling reason for this request is due to our current work, which requires to render at least 1 month of mandatory service after filing a resignation letter.

I just want to know, how long did it take for the immigration to respond to your inquiry, or received your facilitation letter? Since we just have less than 2 weeks to wait for their response, as Aug 20 is very very near approaching. I’m looking forward to your response. Thank you

Hey Sorry for replying late
I got it within 1 week.

now its late I know, so what happened to your case.