Extend i94 at San Diego after i94 already expired, Passport renewed

Hello Anil,

i94 already expired but H4 is still valid

I will be visiting the San Diego Ysidro US Mexico Border tomorrow (Oct 27th) to renew my i94. My passport was getting expired in Aug 2018, hence the expiry date on i94 was the same. However I have a valid H4 visa till 2020. I have renewed my passport successfully in the month of July, but missed out on i94.

I am unable to make the online payment for i 94 on USCIS website, as they don’t have any history of my new passport, at the same time it’s not accepting my old passport as its expired.

I really want to save time and avoid standing in the queue for the cash payment. As I have to board a flight on the same day evening. It would be really great if you could guide me in this situation. I am not sure if I am following the right procedure.


Hi @soniya_jain
The only way now is to make payment in cash.
You can travel to San Diego Border on a weekday to shorten your wait time.

I am not sure what you mean by its not accepting your old passport?
The system just verifies your passport details for matching it with an existing i94 record which it should have.

If it is not showing you any record, then you can only pay via cash.

When I enter my old passport number on the first page, it’s showing a message ’ Passport Date of Expiration must be greater than current date’

This is the website I94 - Official Website I hope it’s the correct one.


Ya…the link is correct.

If it is not letting you pay online, then you can only pay in cash at the border.

Yes, I believe now that’s the only option I have.

In case the officer at the port asks my to cross the boarder and re-enter, is it necessary for my husband to do the same, as I am on H4 visa?

i94 is issued to individuals separately.

If only you need to get your i94 extended, then there is no need for your husband to cross border.
Only you can go out and re-enter USA.

He can wait inside USA and write a song for your in the mean-time :slight_smile:

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Awesome! That sounds great. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks a lot for helping me.

:crossed_fingers: for tomorrow. I really hope this works out well without any hiccups. I was very worried all this while because of the legal status issue.

Thanks! Have a great day.

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The experience at San Diego port of entry is very smooth and quick once you are at the window.

There is no need to worry.
People there are very helpful and it is a normal process it happens with hundreds of people with expired passports.

You can read the experience of other people in posts above and they all got it done recently.

Hi @soniya_jain,

How did it go at San Diego? I am living on H1B status and I have the same issue right now and I am worried about it.


While i will let @soniya_jain reply on her experience.

To address your question about the worries, the process is very smooth just like at any port of entry (when you land by Air).

Thanks for reply @Anil_Gupta .

But in my case I renewed my passport 9 months ago but forgot to get an i94 extension which got expired in Sep and I recently got to know that, it is very important to extend the I94 date. Is it ok to cross the border if they ask me to do?

Thank you!

Hi @shwetha_Raidu
In your case, the chances are very HIGH that you will be asked to cross border as your i94 has already expired.

You should immediately get it renewed as you are accumulating ‘out of status’ time to your name without valid i94.

If you do not want to cross border, the only other option to file H1B extension again from within USA.
But, since your i94 has already expired, it will be approved only with consular processing which again means that you will have to go out of USA and re-enter.

Hi @Anil_Gupta ,

Thanks for the details.
I am planing to go India and come back.
Will I face any problem at the port of entry of SF?


Hi @shwetha_Raidu
Be prepared to answer questions about why you overstayed your i94 validity.

Hi @shwetha_Raidu , everything went smoothly. Yes, the process it’s pretty simple. So don’t worry.


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Hi @shwetha_Raidu
Did you go to India or were you planning to go go to the to the San Diego location.

I live in Ohio, can i go to the canada border and do the same process, Is the process in san diego any different from what they do in the canada border.
I should be able go to go to canada or texas border rite, are the chances better if I go to San Diego center?

Hi @arakitty
Chances and process is same at all US international land border crossings.
In case of US Canada border, you will need Canadian visa too.

For Texas border, process is same and details are given here:

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Hi Anil, im on H4 visa. I travelled to India and when i came back at the port of entry the officer stamped my i94 only till Feb 2020 as my passport was expiring in Feb 2020. My i94 is expired in Feb 2020 but i have a valid Visa and i797 till May 2021. I have a new passport now but missed out the date on i94.
Thank you so much for your website that answered most of my questions.
I would like to know if i could go to San diego port and get it extended? Do we go out of US if we r doing that? As im a mom of 2, im worried that if they dont update the i94 and i have to leave the country…
Are there any chances of rejecting the request?