Extend H4 visa before 6 months

Hi - I am on H1B which is valid for 2+ years. My spouse is on H4 which is valid for close to a year. Can H4 extension be applied based on my most recent H1B so that my spouse will have 2+ years of validity? I am not sure if it’s possible to apply for H4 when there is more than 6 months validity on H4 still. Any inputs?

Ideally you should apply for H4 extension of status with H1B extension/transfer petition. If applying standalone, you can apply for EOS within 180 days of expiry of current I94.

Thanks Kalpesh. I got a new H1B through different employer. Is it possible to apply extension before 6 months of H4 expiry in this case or still it is not possible?

Employer doesn’t matter for H4 so same answer as earlier. You can consult your immigration lawyer and see what they say re: applying standalone H4 EOS.

Thanks Kalpesh. Appreciate your help.

As a follow-up - my spouse’s existing H4 is valid for less than a year. I am planning to apply H4 EAD (for the first time).

Is it a good idea to apply H4 EAD using the existing H4? or wait till the existing H4 is within 6 months of expiry and then apply for H4 Extension and H4 EAD together?

Thanks for your time and help.

I would apply with H4 extension so that there is no need to re-apply after H4 extension.