Expected wait time for invite for 189 with 75 points

Hi Anil,

I’ve lodged my EOI with DOE 29/01/2019, for both 189(75) & 190(80)-VIC/NSW. I’ll be grateful if you can answer couple of my queries.

In the current trends what is the expected wait time for 189 & 190 invite with my eligible points for both?

Also does the ACS approved occupation have an impact? For instance, I’ve ACS approved with “Software Engineer”, I see most people apply with “Software and Application Programmer”. Will there be any difference in the wait time for both of these with same points?


The wait time is same for ‘Software’ category i.e. job codes starting with 2613.

With 75 points, you can expect invitation in Feb 11, 2019 draw.

I suggest to start collecting documents to submit application as early as possible when you get invite.

To help you list of documents and sample form 80:

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