Exact address to book a cab for Laredo bridge 1 from Laredo Airport?

@Anil_Gupta. Thank you for your detailed explanation.
Some small questions as I am planning to visit Laredo border this week to get i94 updated after passport renewal.

What is Exact address for Laredo TX border Bridge 1?

Can you please let me know the exact address which I need to give to book a cab to go to bridge 1 from Laredo Airport?

CBP online i94 fees - Use Old or New passport number?

While paying through online, we need to give the new passport details. Am I right?

Petition number while paying i94 fees online or leave blank?

There is a field to enter the petition number(though it is optional). I have changed my location in US.

So do I need to give the Amended petition number or the Petition number before amendment?
Or should I keep it as blank?

Hi @Subhadro_Mazumdar

Exact address for Laredo TX border Bridge 1

Exact address for Laredo Bridge 1 - Staircase from Mall connects to Bridge 1

The Outlet Shoppes at Laredo, 1600 Water St, Laredo, TX 78040

The Bridge 1 is right behind the 'Laredo Mall’ and is just 1/2 mile (walking distance) away from the Valero Gas station (which is closer to CBP office).

I recommend going to CBP office near Valero Gas station first and try your luck first there. If they ask you to cross border and re-enter US, then go to Bridge 1.

Complete instructions with pictures here:

CBP online i94 fees - Use Old passport number

When you pay online, the system tries to pull your i94 information first, which can only be fetched using your old i94 number.

So, you will have to fill old passport number.

Petition number while paying i94 fees online or leave blank?

If it is optional, leave it blank.
Also, you should ALWAYS use the most recent petition number that’s valid and the one that you are currently using for your current status.

Thank you @Anil_Gupta for the detailed explanation.
It was a very smooth process and I did it on 6th Sept, 2018.
I directly went to the outlet mall from the airport. There I asked one security for the CBP office. He showed me the way. I directly went inside the CBP office from the back door of the office(didn’t crossed the border). There one officer asked me why I am here. I told him the scenario. He directed me to a counter where I was the only one in the queue. The officer in that counter immediately attended me and updated i94 without asking any question. She only asked for my old and new passport and updated the i94 based on visa end date. I immediately checked in the website standing there itself(as there was no one behind me) and it was updated.
Thank you again for the help.

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Thanks @Subhadro_Mazumdar for your feedback. I am glad it helped.