Evidence for employment - VETASSESS

Hi Anil,

Am planning to apply for vetasess skills assessment(133111-CPM), I have 10 years of continuous employment and my present employer has agreed to supply with reference letter as per the required format.

Please let me know whether I need to provide payslips/bank statements for all the 10 years for claiming experience points in addition to employment contract document and reference letter.

Employer Reference letter should be enough.

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My question is specific to Vetasses skill assessment Evidence of employment.

I have a general experience letter on organisation letter head which does not enlist my roles and responsibilities.

Does Vetasses accepts reference letter from colleagues/bosses on stamp paper similar to ACS as it is not possible to get the same from HR on company letter head again.

Hi @AustPR

VETASSESS should accept the co-worker letter as that is the only way you can prove your experience if HR is not giving it.

I have prepared the co worker letters and I am planning to attach them along with relieving letter which the HR has provided.
In my relieving letter " full time " is not mentioned. Can i get the same mentioned on the co worker letters as it is not mentioned on relieving letter?

One more query:
For my current organisation I am providing co worker letter along with appointment letter and salary slips as relieving letter is provided by them only once.Would co worker letter along with appointment letter suffice?

That should work i.e. co-worker letter and mention of full time.

Just to clarify so I can mention full time on co worker letter?
as It is NOT mentioned on relieving letter

The purpose of co-worker letter is to mention all those things that are not mentioned on employer’s official letter. Isn’t it?

Dear Anil,

Have sent you a mail. please check

Hi @AustPR

I don’t respond on emails or private messages. Please ask your question here itself.