Error while paying i94 fees online - Travel document information not found

Hey Guys,

Trying to fee I94 fee online, I94 - Official Website

but once i fill in and submit i am getting below error. I am trying to go san diego border to get my I94 updated with my new passport i received recently.

“The travel document information that you entered cannot be validated with U.S. official travel records. Please verify that the information you have entered is correct. If we are unable to verify the information, you will need to apply for your I-94 at a port of entry.”

However if i check my I94 recent travel record my recent travel is displayed.

Please let me know what would be reason i could not pay the fee $6 online.


This is strange.

Are you sure you are entering the same values on fees website as you have entered on CBP i94 check website?

When I tried, I was able to pay using the OLD passport and i94 details (Current i94 that’s going to expire).

Ya, this is strange, yes i entered the same info of my old passport and i94 details.

When i enter the same details for Travel record i can see it, however to pay I94 fee same details when entered are displaying error message, not sure whats happening.

I guess there is no need to worry. There is probably some issue with the CBP website.

The only problem is that you will need to pay Cash there and queue might be longer.

Try to visit on weekday as there are less people Monday to Friday.

Thank You Anil.

I see some people posted on last Saturday they were asked to go different port? i assume its open 24/7.

All port of entry offices are open 24*7.
If they are processing i94 at different location, they will tell you right there.