EOI taking too long to process

Me and my skilled partner have submitted initial EOI in skillselect on 9th September, 2018 with myself as the primary candidate for 261313 with below points :

189 - 70 points
190 (NSW) - 75 points

We got an increment of 5 points on 23/04/2019 due to my experience counting above 8 years now.

And now after another change of points in November, 2019, we have received another 5 points for that resulting in final status as :

EOI 23/04/2019
189 - 80 points
190 (NSW) - 85 points

  1. Do we need to do anything else to get an invite as we have only applied on skillselect website?
  2. Are this points good enough to get an invite?
  3. Since we are waiting for so long, we have also created 190 for other states as well. Please let me know if you need this EOI details as well.

Can you please provide your insight on this as we are waiting for a long time now to get an invite in skillselect?

Hi @ranjeets.june

EOI invite is simply based on the points and nothing else. In your case, then chance of invite is low as the current trend for 261313 is to invite people with 90 points.

I am expecting points requirement to come down to 85 in near future but 80 might be difficult.

I suggest to try and increase points if you can.

190 state invites are sent by states as per their choice. It cannot be estimated but they also invite people with highest points and pretty much at same same level as 189 invites.