EOI Submitted on 12/12/2018 with 75 points. When can I expect an invitation

I have submitted my EOI on 12/12/2018 with 75 points. When can I expect an invitation?

Should i expect a delay due to Holiday season? Any rough idea when I can get an invitation?

Hello Krishna. Is it really 75 points?

Yes, I have 75 points? I should have got it by now?

okay actually the average cut off is around 440 points. Have you calculated the points correctly ?

In my previous EOI application, I counted it incorrectly to 80 points, where I received an invitation, so I had to apply for another EOI with points changed to 75 points. I think I have calculated the points correctly.

Can you share your profile (academics, ielts, work xp)

PTE - Superior(79+ in all L,S,R and W)
Education - B.Tech in Computer Science and Engineering
Total Experience - 9 years.

Hi @Ravi_Teja1
@Krishna_Rao is talking about Australia immigration and you are talking about Canada points!!

Great mix up :slight_smile:

Anyway, @Krishna_Rao - invitation depends on the job code with 75 points.

What job code do you have?

Most of them are receiving invitation within a month now.

Lol :slight_smile:

I applied for Software Engineer - 261313

Ok… you should get the invite on Jan 11, 2019.
Be ready with invitation documents to save time.

Submit it on same day to save on processing time.
This is a comprehensive list of documents that you would need:

Thanks for information. I have a doubt while filling form for PCC. What should I select for

“Purpose for which PCC is required*”

  • Citizenship/Nationality Application
  • Education/Research
  • Employment Visa/Work Permit
  • Immigration Purpose Other Than Citizenship
  • Long Term Visa/Stay
  • Residence Permit
  • Tourist Visa
  • Others

Choose residence permit.

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