EOI calculation of work experience days for skills points in SkillSelect

I have filed in EOI for both 189 and 190.
The points calculated is 189 -65 points and 190-70 points.

ACS has deducted 4 years applying rule of either 4 years from total exp or 2 years from last 10 years.
Your qualification has been assessed as follows: by ACS
Your Master of Computer Application from Pune University completed April 2005 has been
assessed as comparable to an AQF Master Degree with a Major in computing.
ANZSCO code: 261313 (Software Engineer)

I have appealed to ACS for the result and they have explained the above rule for deduction of 4 years.
For the claim of points for qualification entered in EOI as below gives me 15 points.
A 6-Jun-05 6-Jun-10 Marked not relevant
A 7-Jun-09 3-Sep-10 relevant
B 9-Sep-10 27-Sep-11 relevant
C 9-Apr-12 31-Dec-13 relevant
D 19-Jan-15 11-May-15 relevant
E 9-Aug-15 31-Jul-16 relevant
F 1-Aug-16 till date relevant

My query : Are the points calculated in EOI based on days or months?
Bit confused with how the calculation works.
Since it close to 8 years I am hoping to claim 5 points.
Please share some inputs on this.

EOI counts the days and they should cross the 8 year mark.

Basically, you have to do 365 * 8 yrs to be eligible for the next level of points in EOI.

Thanks for the info Anil.
Can you tell me if this 8 years is calculated in consideration of last 10 years from the date we submit the EOI or overall from the relevant experience entered.
As in my case when initially I has lodged the EOI, ACS had approved from June 2007 as relevant and the total experience relevant was beyond 10 years, however in EOI the points came as 10 (5-8 year range) instead of 15 (8-10 range).
There is a gap in experience for 1 year from 2014-2015.
When verified it looks like EOI calculation considers experience from last 10 years from the date of submission.

Can you please clarify this.


EOI considers last 10 years from today’s date

The 8 years experience has to be in the LAST 10 years from today’s date.
The EOI also keeps updating itself automatically if you keep the current job’s end date blank in EOI.

Since ACS puts an end date on current employment in their letter, you can still keep the ‘end date’ blank in EOI to claim extra points as the time gets by.

See this reference where this person got his EOI updated automatically and got extra points: