Entering USA on valid visitors visa if I-130 application denied

Hi, my husband is USC and applied I-130 - notice date 26 Sept 2018, priority date 21 Sept 2018, office Nebraska , preference classification 201 B INA Spouse.
I`m from Bulgaria and waiting at home.

  1. How long is the processing time for approved?
  2. And the second question pls: I have visitors visa for 10 years since 2016 and I`ve been 5 times in USA. If our case denied is it possible enter USA on the valid visitors visa?
    Thank you in advance!

Not sure what is ‘USC’. Can you explain?

I-130 Processing Time at Nebraska

It is currently taking 9 months to process I-130 application at Nebraska service center.

You can expect approval by 20 June 2019.

Enter US on B2 visitor visa

You can enter US using your approved B2 visitor visa even after your I-130 is denied.

USC is United States Citizen

Once your I-130 is approved, you will get interview appointment for Green card within a month because your spouse is a US citizen.

I’m afraid that if they denied i-130 I never can be able to go to him.

Thank you very much!

I understand your situation. But, do not worry. You will get I-130 approval.
Be positive.