Enter US on B1/B2 and then convert to H1B with consultant company

Hello Anil

Thank you for honest feedback. I was recently informed to apply for tourist visa B2 and after visiting the country i can change my status from B2 to H1B.
Do you think it is good idea to try in that way?


Hi @kumar_ch

Many consultants advise people to come to US on B1/B2 visa.

I would NOT advise you to do that.

Once you are in US, they ask you to appear for interviews. This is strictly against the B1/B2 visa policy.
If you are caught giving interviews on B1/B2 visa, you will be barred from coming to US again.

These consultants will also try to get some deposit money from you. I would suggest to NOT give any deposit.

It is difficult to change the status from B2 to H1B as the USCIS is very strict these days.
They may question your intent while taking decision on your application.

It is your choice what you want to do.
Legally, you are allowed to come to US on B2 and you can apply for change of status to H1B visa.

But, it is very risky.

Thank you for your suggestion Anil.

Thanks a lot for taking time in responding to my queries.

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What decision did you take? Do share if you are comfortable sharing on public platform like TruVisa.

It will certainly help other visitors.