Engineers Australia Assessment

Hi Anil and all ,

First of all, this forum is invaluable in terms of getting advice from everyone.

I am about to embark on submitting documents for 189/190 category.

I have a few questions as I am a little confused.

I am a qualified Civil Engineer with experience of over 9 years from the UK. My degree from a UK university and it falls under the Sydney Accord category for my Skills Assessment with Engineers Australia. i did a 3 year BEng (Hons) Degree.

When I submit my skills assessment, do I need to also get my work experience assessed? how does it work? or do I need to just get my degree assessed? I have calculated that i can gain around 75 points .

I am stuck at the dilemma of the Skills assessment bit. I have read the MSA booklet and i am still not quite clear. Any advice will be appreciated. Thanks

You have to get both education and work experience assessed.

Thanks Anil for the clarification.