Employment Overlap on H1B - Work for both current and new Transfer employer

Hi Anil,

I am working for employer A full time and I-94 is valid until March 2020. I got full time opportunity with Employer B and they filed new H1B transfer petition (not concurrent H1B) on regular processing.

I am waiting for USCIS physical receipt to start with Employer B.

Can I continue work with Employer A and Employer B at the same time at least until Employer B filed H1B petition is fully approved?.

I have little flexibility of working remote with Employer A and I can able to to manage both jobs.

How USCIS come to know I have worked for 2 jobs simultaneously for few months?


H1b work for 1 employer at a time

You can ONLY work for one H1B employer at the same time if you are NOT filing concurrent H1B explicitly.

Joining New Employer Based on H1B transfer receipt

You should leave the current employer’s employment if you want to join the new H1B employer based on transfer receipt.

How will USCIS know you are working on two Jobs

You have to fill form I-9 whenever you start working for new employer. Form I-9 is sent to government for reporting your employment based on the employment authorization granted by USCIS.

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Thanks Again. You are awesome!