Employment Experience documents

I am a dentist in India and have got my skill assessment completed from Australian Dental Council (ADC) in December 2019 after clearing my ADC Exams.

The initial assessment of my B.D.S. qualification and employment was done by ADC in October 2017 when my offshore work experience was 2 months.

Because of this, ADC has written my offshore work experience as 2 months in the skill assessment letter. But as of now my work experience has increased to more than 3 years.

I want to know whether there is need to get the work experience updated on the skill assessment letter from ADC, or can I just submit the supporting documents for employment experience like experience letter, bank statement and pay slips in order to get the 3 years work experience counted for applying Visa subclass 491.

What is the total work experience written?

Have they clearly mentioned the Australian and non-Australian work experience separately to make the total correct?

Currently my total work experience is around 3 years. I only have offshore(non Australian) work experience. The thing is, they mentioned 2 months work in my skill assessment letter because my work experience at the time of initial assessment( which was done in 2017) was 2 months. But now my work experience is 3 years. I wanted to know should I get my work experience updated on skill assessment letter for 491 visa or can I just submit experience letter and bank statement to get my experience counted by Australian home affairs.

You should get new assessment.

Hi Anil…Do you mind telling me if employer name is must on pay slips for ACS…I am applying for review as my assessment result was insufficient payment evidence…I am applying as system analyst with 4 years experience…They did assess my bachelor’s and master’s in computers equivalent as major in computing…

Yes, Employer name is required on payslip.

Thanks Anil for replying…But I only have company name on pay slip I mean can it be considered as employer name too as it is small organization.