Employer hiding salary information and seems to misuse

I am on my H1B and moving to another state. My current salary is 100k.
My company is saying that the new location salary will be maxed to 85k as per the internal rules for wages.

But when I did some research, I could see that there are a couple of LCAs saying “Wage Rate Paid to Nonimmigrant Workers” From: $83,000 To: $105,000 for the new location.

I am not an expert in reading the wage details, but I guess the offered salaried to other candidates is more than what is my employer is trying to give me. Not sure what are my options?

Is it correct that generally, the offered salary is mentioned in “To” section of LCA?

Employer can pay any range of salary and most usually pay the lowest minimum for that area.

Its upto you to negotiate.