Employer Change after I-140 Approval

Hi Team,

My I140 is approved for current employer, but I am planning to change my employer. However, my employer is saying that he will withdraw I140 after my exit from company.

My new employer has already filed my extension beyond 6years of my H1B and it’s approved by USCIS. He will start i140 processing once I join him.

Please suggest if there would be any impact on my visa transfer and extension in future if my current employer revoke/withdraw I140 after my resignation from company as I have received extension beyond 6 years based on existing i140 only.

@Kalpesh_Dalwadi @Anil_Gupta
Can you please help in this ?

If your I-140 is approved for more than 180 days, it will still remain valid for AC21 H1B extensions, after 6 years of H1B term, even if your employer withdraws it. Make sure you have a copy of I-140 approval notice.

No issues. Once you get new I-140 from your new employer, you can use that for any future extensions.