Employer asking to provide Addressee for Australia PR work experience letter

Hi ⁨Anil Gupta,
⁩ I have to get the experience letter from my company… but the company letter format is asking to mention the addressee and also the address to whom it should be given… for example :- Canada, Australia embassy is given… I just want to know what is the correct address that I have to give… thank you

There is no need to add the addressee in the letter as you may want to use this same letter for multiple country or purpose.

Normally, employers write “To whomsoever it may concern” to make it a general letter.

If your employer is adamant of writing the addressee name, then you can write Australia Immigration if you are applying for Australia PR.

Thanks… one more question. Is designation/ current position mandatory to be mentioned in the experience letter for acs skill assessment. My company doesn’t want to mention it. Any problem?

Designation is required for ACS assessment.

Hi Anil,
I have few questions which I need clarifications from you on.

  1. While submitting documents for acs skill assessment, I have a consolidated marks sheet in which only the final semester subjects are listed along with the marks but from 5-7 th semester it has only the marks listed in it. It does not have 1-4 th semester marks.
    Is this ok? Or is it required to upload 1-8 semester marks sheet separately
  2. If I have a experience letter in the company letter head then no need of payslips or any other document to prove the employment right? The experience letter on a letter head is enough. Correct?
  3. Do we need to upload 12 th std certificate as well. ?

You need all mark sheets with subject names.

If the consolidated sheet does not have subject names, then you should scan the individual mark sheet in one file and then upload.

Payslips not required

If you have employment letter on letter head from employer, there is no need for payslips.
ACS does not need payslips anyway.

12th standard certificate is NOT required for ACS assessment.