Eligible for dropbox after H1B Amendment denial?

Hi Anil,
Thank you very much for your effort in this regard.

H1B Amendment + Extension denied

My employer filed an extension plus amendment in May 2018 @ California center and my I 94 expired on 6 Sept 2018.

I got a case denial notice on 1st November and I left USA on 24 November(Stopped working on the same day I got notice).

H1B extension filed from outside USA

My employer filed a new petition at California center and receipt date is 21 Dec 18. I’m waiting for premium to get resumed.

Am I eligible for Dropbox?

God willing if my petition is approved, Am I still eligible for drop box since I’m applying through the same employer and same class.

I did check the app and based on it I’m eligible for drop box. Do you recommend to go for a drop box as my petition was denied earlier.

Petition denial is different than Visa denial. If you checked using am22’s Dropbox app, then you are good to go for dropbox.
But, please note that it is not guaranteed that if you are eligible for dropbox, then they won’t call you for interview.

We are seeing in lot of cases that they do call for interview after you drop you documents in dropbox facility if the US embassy thinks that they need more information.
So, plan accordingly.