EB3 submitted in May - PERM delays?

Hi, i am on EB3 and my employer has submitted the application on 25 May. It’s been almost 5 months and we still haven’t hear from DOL. May i know approximately when should i be expecting the reply.

I assume you are talking about PERM processing time. If yes, then check it here:

Hi, my Perm LC submitted in May 18 was selected for audit and my employer has replied to the audit in Oct 18.

Unfortunately till today, it is still not approved yet.

I have asked the lawyer for details for me to check with DOL but they kept insisting that they have no case number or whatsoever to check.

All i can do is just continue waiting. They briefly told me that there was a shut down last year and therefore it may have caused the delay.

I am getting frustrated waiting aimlessly.
May i know is it normal for Perm with Audit case to take so long. What can i do to get DOL to help me to expedite my application?

What can i do to find out the status or outcome of my application.

The lawyer don’t seem to be willing to help me to follow-up with DOL in any sense. I know it’s taking too long and i need to do something to check.

The PERM audit process does take more time than normal processing.

Unfortunately, you cannot do anything except to wait.

Only your employer or attorney can check the status and follow up with DOL.

I see that the DOL website states that they are already processing Aug application for audit case. Obviously mine has lapsed way long. Is this normal? Does this senario happens to many? Could it take as long as a year? Any idea what are my chances?

You are eligible to raise a service request with DOL to check why your case is taking so long to process.

Your employer can raise this service request.

Hi, my employer sent the enquiry to DOL but there is no reply. By any change my application has been rejected? What other steps can i take from here? It’s been 11months since my LC has been submitted

I would not consider the application denied until it has been actually denied.

Only your employer can do anything and can contact DOL to get a status.