EB1C- I140 - Senator refused to help

Hi Anil - I got NOID, I responded to that and then Name was updated shows up 130 days ago…I understand Name was updated usually means nothing but is 130+ days is normal timelines now a days for NOID/RFE response review? Its more than 1 year and 3 months from my original date of filing.

I tried reaching Senator to check my case but they have responded that they will not be able to help if i am not the petitioner. I will not be able to ask my company to check with Senator as they won’t do. Do i need to try with different Senator/Congressmen to try my luck? any other alternative?

I can’t suggest anything here as nobody can help you even if they want to. I140 is filed by Employer and only they can enquire about it.

What was the NOID for?