EAD/AP Combo Card Name error

I have L1 valid visa (stamped) till 2022. My AOS is in progress. I received approved EAD/AP combo card for 1 year. My spouse first name printed wrongly in combo card with one extra alphabet. Based on documentation i found that the extra alphabet mentioned wrongly in i-765 form (my fault and not USCIS). The AP documentation did not have any problem with the name. I need to know whether i need to apply for new i-765 to correct this extra alphabet error. I am planning to travel outside US and will use L visa for re-entry. In that case can i correct this problem after my vacation travel. I am not going to use Combo-card for re-entry and will it have any issue for pending AOS.

Please provide your recommendation.


You should be able to get it fixed after returning to the US.