DU had no semester system in 1999 with no Syllabus. What to write for Transcripts?

I graduated - BA (Pass) in 1999.
We did not have a semester system, 4 subjects (English, Economics, Computer Science, Mathematics) for 3 years.

I also do not have the syllabus. Subjects/Syllabus are not printed on the back of the marksheet. There are only some rules about passing.

I am in Bangalore. What should I write to the Section Office about the syllabus when I send the form by post ?

Also, will they take a new print of the transcript or just affix a seal on the copy I will be sending and return it in a sealed envelope?

Whatever subjects you had can be written.

Also, i have shared the DU’s official Syllabus link in this article to find your course’s syllabus if you already do not know about it.

Check the DU Syllabus link for your specific BA course and see if you can find anything.

If you do not have any syllabus mentioned there, then you can just write the name of the subjects on plain piece of paper.

DU prints your mark sheets in their format on new paper and then stamps with official seal.

Thanks for your reply. You are very kind. Before posting here, I had checked the link you had provided for syllabus, but I could not find it there.

I graduated in 1999, almost 20 years back, I really wonder if they would have syllabus of that time.

Anyway, I have written the subjects year wise on a separate piece of paper like you suggested and have sent it along with a letter, application form, online fees paid receipt, degree and transcript copies and return stamped envelope.

Do you know if they process cases received by post with the same importance as in-person application?

For example, would they make an effort to mail the self addressed, stamped envelope?

Mailing back the stamped return envelope is standard process by DU.

I think the applications are processed on first come first serve basis. There is no extra sweetness attached to the in-person applications as such.
All DU need is the FEES…which is paid for both type of applications!