Don't have India address proof- can I use USA address instead?

@Anil_Gupta and others…

My current passport has India address with wrong pincode# and my NRI form comes with no Taluka (tehsil circle) name and different pincode # (1 digit different) for my same address selection in the drop down.

I have Indian license without pincode# and also do not have Aadhar card. My address really hasn’t changed. My situation is all over the place.

What are my options here?

  1. Can I just go ahead and apply as my India address hasn’t changed (it really hasn’t changed, my India home is still the same)?
  2. Or is there a option NOT provide India address proof and ask them to go with USA address proof (i have this) and print the USA address in passport? Do they ask for India address proof if you go with USA address??

Please advice! Very urgent !!

Hi @sk2020_1

I suggest to get US address printed on your passport. You don’t need any Indian address proof if you opt for US address printing.

Thank you ! I’ll go with that approach.