Does Vetassess only consider last 5 years of employment or 10?

I am looking to claim skilled partner points and need to get my wife’s degrees and employment assessed from VETASSESS (134213: Primary Health Organisation Manager)

Her timeline:
2006-2009 : Bachelors in Hospital Management
2009-2011 : MBA in Healthcare Management
2011-2014 : Worked in a hospital (highly relevant work experience)
2014 - date : Worked in clinics (not considered as highly relevant work experience)

We are looking forward to claim only the 2011-2014 work experience because that was in a hospital. We know the experience after 2014 in clinics would be rejected. My question is does VETASSESS consider the last 5 years of employment or last 10 years? If they consider the last 5 years, then my wife would not get a positive assessment. If they consider the last 10 years, she might get a positive assessment. Quoting from Vetassess website:

In addition to the qualification requirements, applicants are also required to provide evidence of having at least one year of highly relevant employment performed at the required skill level within the last five years, from the date of lodging your application.

The next paragraph has this line:

For applicants who meet the skills assessment criteria, we will then determine the date that you were deemed skilled in your nominated occupation within a ten year period.

I am confused if I should go ahead with her assessment or not? Will they consider her 2011-2014 experience or not, since it falls beyond the last 5 year period?

I am not sure how VETASSESS processes the application and what time frame at this time.

May be someone else can help from forum who has gone through this process.