Does spouse need English test score if claiming spouse points?

Don’t claim spouse points

Scenario 1: I do not want to claim spouse points, I want to go alone and find work. Later I want to get spouse. When I want to get her now does she need to do all that I did to get PR?

Claim spouse points

Scenario 2: I claim spouse points, does she need to appear for PTE ? and does she also need to travel with me ? If no, later when I am settled can I directly invite her?

File PR alone and Take Spouse Later

You can find PR alone but there are sections Australian immigration that there are people in your family that migrate with you later.

if you say yes to those questions you will need to fill all details of your spouse anyway including health check ups.

Spouse English Language result required

Spouse English language result is required in both cases whether you claims spouse points or not claim spouse points.

Spouse Can Travel later after getting PR

There’s no need to travel together after you get PR.

But when you get the PR, you are given an initial entry date by which each of the applicant should enter Australia at least once to activate the PR.

You and your spouse can travel separately to activate PR as per your individual Initial Entry date.

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