Does N.O.C need apostille before getting it attested at San Francisco consulate?

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Hi Anil,
My mother needs to sell her house in India. She needs a “No Objection Certificate” from me since I cannot travel to India. I received the N.O.C document from her.

  1. Does the N.O.C document need to be apostilled before getting it attested at San Francisco consulate.
  2. The N.O.C document I received is in Hindi and on a plain paper (not stamped). Do I need to get it translated in English to get it apostilled (if required) and attested at the consulate
  3. I am an US citizen. I hope I do no need the OCI since I don’t have one yet.
    Your response is greatly appreciated.

(Anil Gupta) #2

Do I need apostile?

Check if Apostile is needed for you based on your US status here:

NOC should be in English

Yes, NOC it should be written in English. Hindi is not accepted.

Not sure what OCI has to do here.