Does my amendment I94 dates override my H1B Extension?

Hi Team,

I Filed an Amendment in March, 2018 and there was an RFE and we responded to that. Though it was not decisioned at that time.

During that process, my current H1B was getting expired , we filed an extension , it got approved with my I94 got extended to mid of next year , 2021.

My Amendment and Extension are filed for same location and client.

Now USCIS has reopened my Amendment which was filed in March,2018 and it got approved.

Now my question is

  1. Do i need to file an Extension again with my approved amendment?(As this is latest petition which got approved or i am good with my approved H1B extension)
  2. Does my amendment I94 dates override my H1B Extension ?


Hi @m.srinivasmca02

Normally, the most recent i94 is considered valid.

You should check with your employer attorney to see if they are comfortable using the old i94.

Anil , does that means if I have 2 different H1 with different I94 dates from Company A and B still the latest I94 irrespective from which takes the precedent and is applicable ?

Most recent i94 takes the precedence.