Does Initial L2 EAD application requires L1’s first pay stub?

Hello Anil,

May I ask couple questions?

  1. Does Initial L2 EAD application requires L1’s first pay stub? (told by FragoXXX that we need one in order to file, otherwise risking longer waiting time as USCIS may ask for RFE)
  2. RN Law Group says L2 EAD qualified for the litigation, we’re planning to join after 30 days of waiting, how long realistically or will it really help to expedite? And after litigation, any consequences/retaliation from govt or USCIS? Will it jeopardize our future green card application?
  3. We would like to file for expedition (when is the soonest time that we can file?) we heard cases that USCIS simply rejects before asking for evidence.
    Our reasons for expedition (financial losses)
  • Medical expenses (mother in law has serious depression issues, constantly visiting psychiatrist, left breast has a tumor, need surgery soon, so we have to support her)
  • 2 young kids (4yo&2yo), childcare/school expenses (around $1000 per month), both of them still in home country, we need to make sure we can make a living before bringing them over, now being taken care by grannies.
  • Mortgage back home ($1900 per month)
  • Mom & Dad both over 65+, paying rent back home ($2900 per month), helper ($580 per month)
  • Job offer from a reputable/sizable company

Thank you very much!

Hi @bobobo

It is always better to send as many proofs as possible with your application. If your attorney has asked for L1 paystub, you should send it.

Its not required but recommend as Fragomen had already communicated. Rest is your choice.

I have not heard of any retaliation from USCIS or government. RN law has also clarified multiple times that this lawsuit is within your rights and government cannot retaliate. Its US law.

Multiple people on our forums and groups have reported that their EAD expedite request was denied without even asking for proofs. This is kind of expected.

The only real chance of EAD expedite request getting approved is a real medical emergency. Some people have got approvals. You can search on truvisa itself.

So basically the only hope to get it expedited is via litigation with the RN Group correct?

Litigation is also taking about 30-90 days. And i think they will take the case only if L1 is already approved.

My wife’s L1 is already approved. I’m now on L2, applying for EAD so I can work (I got an offer already so I need to get EAD as soon as I can).

My case will be at the Vermont Centre. Worth going through litigation?

Hi @bobobo

I have already given my recommendation on joining litigation on RN article page. Please check.

Normally, it is taking more than 3 months to get EAD.